Live broadcast of superbike races

Users can expect live broadcasts of superbike races on the updated website

Black Bean Games has announced a massive update on the SBK 09 Superbike World Championship web site.

The SBK 09 web site has been enriched by videos shown during the SBK® international live broadcast, before the beginning of the first race. Each on-board lap is made of footage taken from the virtual tracks of SBK 09 Superbike World Championship, the official video game developed by Milestone and based on official licence owned by Infront Motor Sports.

“Starring at the beginning of the official live broadcast is something we’re really proud of. Firstly, because this initiative further underlines the well established and collaborative partnership we built up with InFront Motor Sport throughout the years. Secondly because it’s a clear demonstration of how close SBK®09 tracks are to the real thing.” Commented Nicola Armellini enthusiastically – SBK®09 Brand Manager in Black Bean Games.

SBK®09 is distributed by Nu Metro Interactive in South Africa.

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Live broadcast of superbike races