New Steelhead WAN solutions available soon

Riverbed adds an update to product range

Riverbed Technology has announced new Steelhead Mobile capabilities that allow organisations of all sizes to deploy a mobile WAN optimisation solution with increased scalability.

Riverbed is introducing Steelhead Mobile Controller – Virtual Edition (SMC-VE), increased capacity for the Steelhead Mobile Controller (SMC) appliance and additional application-level latency optimisation for Steelhead Mobile.

“Productivity is a major challenge for mobile workers as companies embark on IT consolidation projects that result in workers being further from their data,” says Zeus Kerravala, senior vice president at Yankee Group.

“With many companies looking to expand the number of users that work remotely, it’s clear that a solution designed to optimise the performance of applications when a worker is mobile is critical. By expanding the scalability of its mobile WAN optimisation solution, Riverbed is providing companies of all sizes with the opportunity to give mobile and remote workers LAN-like access to corporate files and information and broadening its market reach.”

SMC-VE is a virtual package deployed on the Riverbed Services Platform (RSP), a virtualised platform that resides on the Steelhead appliance that provides customers with the capability to run up to five additional services and applications in a protected partition on the Steelhead appliance.

Broadest Set of Application Acceleration for Mobile Workers Riverbed is also announcing support for application layer Lotus Notes acceleration for mobile users. Riverbed is the only vendor to provide this capability which improves the speed at which mobile employees can access large e-mail attachments and manage calendaring.

SMC-VE and the above mentioned enhancements to Steelhead Mobile are expected to be generally available on Monday, July 27, 2009.

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New Steelhead WAN solutions available soon