SME data protection package

Medium sized businesses set to benefit from protection solution

IBM today made available a new package of data protection products backed by financing from IBM Global Financing, its lending and leasing business segment.

The IBM Comprehensive Data Protection Solution Express (CDPS) includes Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack Center software, a System x Express x3550 server featuring a quad-core Intel Xeon processor, and a System Storage DS3200.  Additionally, IBM offers optional support services that provide planning, implementation, installation, configuration and basic skills instruction for IBM disk systems.

“More and more companies understand the downside of not having sufficient data protection.  Especially with many companies reducing staff, the ability to monitor and ensure critical customer information is backed up becomes a greater challenge,” said Mark Wyllie, CEO of Flagship Solutions Group, an Advanced IBM Business Partner.  “This offering from IBM provides that “safety net” for midsized customers.”

A second option, called the IBM ServicePac services for Remote Technical Support Services, provides virtually unlimited hardware and software phone support for System x servers, BladeCenter servers and storage devices.

“We’re seeing a widening gap between the growing need for data availability and the ability to protect and recover that data using traditional methods,” Chana said.  “The first step in developing a cost-effective backup and recovery plan is understanding what data is most important, and where it resides.

Many small and midsize companies do not have sophisticated data management processes.  This often means critical data may not be as well protected as it should be. Relying on non-IT people to perform backup and recovery operations can lead to errors, and it often results in improper, ultimately futile, backups. The bottom line is that if the data isn’t correctly backed up, it can’t be recovered when something goes wrong.

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SME data protection package