Chinese Analytics Centre

Plans to open more are underway

IBM today announced the launch of its China Analytics Solution Center.

The initial China center, located at IBM’s China Business Innovation Center in Beijing, will draw on expertise from across the company, including experts and consultants from analytics and optimization, mathematics modeling, software engineering and architecture research and consulting.

The China Center will support IBM’s clients in the Greater China Region to tackle complex business problems by leveraging IBM’s capabilities in analytics and optimization, including hardware, software, consulting services and research.

It will initially focus on smarter grid, smarter supply chain management and smarter city covering transportation and traffic management, and water management.

“Business leaders today need to move beyond intuition to a more predictive capability and certainty about outcomes. It is now possible to see patterns in vast amounts of data to extract critical insights and move to a new level of enterprise intelligence,” said D.C. Chien, CEO, IBM Greater China Group. “Not only does the ability to create smarter digital and physical infrastructures herald the ability to improve the quality of life for our citizens, it is fundamental to improving competitive advantage and delivering economic growth.

The China Center, IBM’s first center in the growth markets, is part of IBM’s business strategy recently detailed by IBM as the company expands its capabilities around business analytics. IBM opened its first two analytics solution centers in Berlin and Tokyo in June and July, respectively. The other centers will be located in London, New York City, and Washington, D.C. As part of this initiative, IBM plans to retrain or hire as many as 4,000 new analytics consultants and professionals globally

Additional China Analytics Solution Centers will be opened in the future in leading cities across the country, providing high-end service areas and leveraging each city’s specific and outstanding competency.

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Chinese Analytics Centre