TV centre of digital lifestyle

Total number increased by 1000% since 2007

The Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) has seen tremendous growth in the number of DLNA Certified televisions, making the television the centrepiece of the new digital living room.

Over 400 TV models have become DLNA Certified in the last three months, bringing the total number of DLNA Certified TVs to 669. With more than a thousand percent growth in this category since 2007, televisions bearing the “DLNA Certified” logo are interoperable with the complete digital home, allowing consumers to experience a more convenient way to enjoy their digital content. With a DLNA Certified television in the living room, consumers may enjoy audio, video or pictures, from other DLNA Certified products, such as mobile phones, digital cameras or PCs.

“Televisions are the focal point of entertainment for many households, making it essential that they interoperate with other devices that make up the digital home,” said Scott Smyers, chairman of the DLNA board of directors and senior vice president of Sony Electronics Inc. “The rapid growth in DLNA Certified televisions represents a shift to a more connected and interactive home experience. With 669 television models DLNA Certified to date, consumers have the ability to truly enjoy their television in new ways.”

DLNA Certified products allow consumers to enjoy, manage and share photos, video and music across devices, regardless of manufacturer. With more than 5,000 DLNA Certified devices worldwide, and a tremendous growth in the number of DLNA Certified television models, consumers can continue to evolve their digital home with the utmost confidence, knowing that their DLNA Certified televisions can access digital content from other DLNA Certified devices throughout their home.

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TV centre of digital lifestyle