Instant alerts for website downtime

The frustration and embarrassment, not to mention the loss of income or reputation from a down website is something that has plagued website owners, as well as network personnel since the advent of the Internet.

Webmasters and network engineers report that many utilities and alarm methodologies have been difficult to install and run, in addition they have severe limitations-, the major one being the lack of redundancy, as often these systems are set up the same network as the website itself, so that when there are local network issues, false alarms are triggered, or in some case in no alarms at all.

The only reliable way to check a network is from multiple locations and with a fairly complex algorithm, which checks and double checks from various locations on the ‘net to confirm that a website or the network is really down- not merely that route on the ‘net or some other issue.

So, one major protocol necessary for accurate results, is that the provider have many servers placed in strategic locations around the Internet checking the website or server.

A second issue is “ease of install,” so that anyone can easily set up the system.

SurePing. Com addresses all these issues says  developer William Golden Wilkins.

Sureping was developed by experienced network engineers to address a clear demand for reliable and economical site uptime monitoring.

Adam Ruppe from Sure Ping explains,” One major downside of other systems, is that they send many false alarms, we developed our system in such a way that getting a false alarm at 3AM is virtually impossible.”

Sure Ping is designed to only alert users if their site or server actually becomes inaccessible, allowing them to immediately take appropriate action to restore service. This is in contrast to to other systems that often send false alarms and in many cases charge for those alarms.

SurePing does not charge for alarms and has a starting price of $4.95 per month with a 30 day free trial.

The algorithm according to Wilkins “is the secret sauce, which makes Sure Pings Protocol and network topography the most reliable way to check networks or servers available today.”

Goodman stated, ” Our primary concern after setting up the network, was ‘ease of use,’ in my years in the data-center business, one of the top concerns of my customers was the difficulty in setting up alarms, our solution requires no software download, and can be set up and working minutes.

I think we are going to provide a great service to the millions of owners of websites that depend on their networks or website being up for their business to thrive.”

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Instant alerts for website downtime