1TB 2.5 inch hard drive released in SA

Largest notebook hard drive now available

Distributor Drive Control Corporation today announced Western Digital’s (WD) two new mobile hard drives that reach new capacities of up to one terabyte.

333 GB-per-platter technology enables the new WD Scorpio Blue SATA 2.5-inch hard drives to offer mobile storage device and notebook users a 1 TB capacity. A 750 GB WD Scorpio Blue model also will be available.

“The mobile market is driving technology to adapt to meet the demands of high performance anytime, anywhere. The introduction of these new high capacity mobile hard drives will allow reseller to better meet the need of their end user clients mobility requirements.” says Vassen Naicker, WD Product Specialist at DCC

The WD Scorpio Blue 750 GB and 1 TB hard drives have a 12.5 mm form factor and are suited for use in portable storage solutions.

“The convergence of the growing mobile computing and digital media trends produces demand for desktop-like capacities in portable devices,” continues Naicker. “WD’s new WD Scorpio Blue drives enable people to take even more of their digital collections with them wherever they go and, realising the value of their data, back up their notebooks on their My Passport drives.”

WD Scorpio Blue hard drives offer high-performance, low power consumption and cool operation in portable applications. They are designed with WD features to be reliable and shock resistant while also delivering industry-leading capacity and performance.

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1TB 2.5 inch hard drive released in SA