HP top SA vendor

IDC report shows HP is number one

IDC recently announced the top ten server vendors in the industry, with HP retaining the number one position in South Africa and worldwide.

HP leads the way in several major categories in the 2009 IDC Server Tracker report, including total server units shipped and BladeSystems and x86 server units and revenue. HP South Africa increased its server related market share by 5.6% from 35 % in Q2 in 2008, to 40.6% in 2009.

“HP’s offerings continue to be relevant to the market’s needs and anticipate industry trends,“ says Rory Green, Industry Standard Solutions Manager, HP South Africa.  “The focus is on next-generation technologies; reducing costs, speeding up processes and optimising customer infrastructure.”

The company’s Adaptive Infrastructure (AI) portfolio of products, services, and solutions drive gains across customer data centres with enhanced IT agility, lower cost of operations, reduced risk through higher quality of service and accelerated growth. HP AI includes Data Centre Transformation solutions which assist in modernising data centers, allowing customers to decrease expenditure and electricity costs.

Comments Manoj Bhoola, Enterprise Storage and Servers Manager, HP South Africa: “With solutions that strengthen customers’ positions and help boost their profitability, HP continues to be a reliable and trusted technology partner for all businesses.”

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HP top SA vendor