SA Customer service made easy

Unified Communications applications provide better support

Resolving service problems does not have to be as complicated as it sometimes is, says Henry McCracken, regional sales director, Africa at Aspect Software.

“Unified Communications (UC) applications can deliver the perfect joined-up customer contact solutions, but in order to deliver high quality and seamless customer service, organisations need effective business processes and the right technology tools,” he explains.

Delivered on a web service platform, Aspect’s Customer Service application, a software-based UC architecture, addresses the communications capabilities organisations need – company-wide and within their contact centres.

“Effective customer experiences start at the point when customers make contact,” says McCracken. “UC-driven customer service applications often use calling line identification to find out who is calling and what service they are calling about. They then collect additional information via automated menus to help route calls more efficiently to multi-skilled advisors, specialist advisors or automated applications.

“Once customers are connected to those resources, they draw on additional information from connected systems such as billing, CRM, product and real-time marketing systems to fix problems the first time. Plus there’s never any need for customers to repeat information if they are passed from one advisor to another, regardless of where those advisors are located,” he explains.

“Enhanced customer service can set your company apart from the competition.

Not just by enabling seamless customer service but also by delivering a host of other benefits – from streamlined, optimised collections and debt recovery to more effective sales campaigns, productive workforce and improved multi-channel customer experiences.”

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SA Customer service made easy