Dell streamlines server monitoring

Management console to streamline server monitoring

Drive Control Corporation (DCC) has announced the release and impending distribution of the latest Dell Management Console (DMC), which will be shipped with all new Dell servers.

The new systems management console is built on Symantec’s Management Platform which allows for greater levels of unification for monitoring and management across Dell servers, storage and clients through a single browser window.

“DCC is a partner of both Dell and Symantec, and this collaboration will enable us to bundle products from these two providers into one offering for our customers. As DMC ships at no additional cost with Dell servers, we are now able to compete with other vendors by offering lower total cost of ownership across our Dell server range,” says Mandy Porter, Dell Business Unit manager at DCC.”

“DMC now ships as the standard management console on all new Dell servers, giving customers a single pane of glass to manage the server environment. On top of this, the solution is not Dell specific, allowing users to see other vendors on the network,” Porter concludes. “And because the solution is built on the Symantec Altiris platform, it is completely modular, allowing other functionality to be built on, by purchasing additional Symantec modules that will enable an organisation to view their network in as much or as little detail as they need.”

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Dell streamlines server monitoring