IBM reducing traffic

Partners with Trafficmaster to analyse traffic patterns

IBM and Trafficmaster are analysing driver data in deeper ways to help motorists spend less time in traffic.

Trafficmaster’s SmartNav enhanced route-planning tool incorporates a dynamic probe collection system which is powered by a combination of IBM hardware, software and storage. IBM technology is also at the heart of Trafficmaster’s Geocore solution for the retrieval and processing of large volumes of driver locations which are collected to provide a very wide range of telematics services for both businesses and consumers.

“Trafficmaster is able to provide drivers with real-time route planning and more accurate estimated arrival times than ever before with the help of the IBM Informix data base technology,” said Stuart Berman, Executive Director, Trafficmaster. “By giving drivers better information about their journeys, we are able to help reduce stress levels that drivers can encounter on the roads, especially around holiday times.”

The latest innovation from Trafficmaster to utilise the IBM technology is the On-Demand Business Mileage Reporting system. This gives drivers instant, totally accurate access to their mileage records via their SmartNav navigation system or Trackstar stolen vehicle tracking system. It recalls all journey start and end locations, the time taken to make the journey and the exact distance travelled. Drivers know exactly where their car was at any given time or day and just have to classify the journey as business or private mileage.

On Demand has also now been adopted by BMW as part of their stolen vehicle security package available as an option on all BMW and MINI models.

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IBM reducing traffic