Konica aims to reduce electric waste

Company signs on electronic recycling company

Konica Minolta South Africa has announced that it is integrating environmental, economic and social perspectives into its business strategies.

The organisation’s latest step in this mission has been to sign up electronic recycling company, Desco in order to establish a reliable recycling programme for itself.

“From an environmental production process point of view, Konica Minolta South Africa not only delivers environmentally conscious products, we are also assessing the environmental impact at each stage of a product’s lifecycle, right through to recycling and disposal,” explains Paul Symonds, product manager at Konica Minolta South Africa.

“Konica Minolta also has a zero waste goal, where the company is trying to reduce waste in both resources and costs, as well as using all acquired resources efficiently and trying to reduce the volume of externally discarded waste by implementing internal recycling. From a local standpoint, our appointment of Desco will provide us with a one-stop service for the recycling of ‘e-scrap’, with the assurance of technology protection and environment-conscious recycling methods.”

“All materials used for the bizhub multifunctional printers (MFPs) are either recyclable or recycled,” says Marianna Gdanis, digital colour product manager at Konica Minolta South Africa. “In addition, the bizhub MFPs offer two power saving modes to reduce the energy consumption during idle phases. Both modes start automatically according to the time setting.

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Konica aims to reduce electric waste