Social sciences next generation jobs

Gartner believes social sciences will leverage next wave of popular jobs

As individuals and organizations progress in their adoption and leverage of the Web, new work streams and needs will arise, resulting in companies utilizing social sciences to fill next-generation technology jobs, according to Gartner.

The sprawling use of consumer technology is spurring the demand for new skills in the workplace. Gartner said that during the next five years, consumer adoption of technology will accelerate as individuals and groups become more comfortable and adept at using it to manage their family, social, and business relationships. At the same time, organizations will struggle to keep pace as they integrate rapidly changing behaviours and technology into an already established business culture and infrastructure.

“To succeed in ‘consumerising’ corporate technology, organizations will need new talent and skills that blend a deep understanding of the business; artistic talents in visual and social schemes that induce the desired behaviors and reactions from consumers; and expansive knowledge of how to invoke and leverage the power of Web technology and models,” said Kathy Harris, vice president and distinguished analyst at Gartner. “Many emerging jobs and roles will not simply specialize in one skill area, but will blend business, artistic and technical skills.”

“Many of the needed technical capabilities originate in the social sciences and are aimed at usability and adoption of technology-related business services,” Harris said. “These capabilities embody the notion of ‘action at the interface’ between the enterprise and its markets or between business management and technology management.“

Gartner envisions four key areas where new talent and expertise will be needed:

Web User Experience Roles
Behavioral Analysis Roles
Information Specialists
Digital Lifestyle Experts

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Social sciences next generation jobs