Local ISP launches new hosting product

RSAWEB launches Managed Hosting Servers

Local Internet service provider, RSAWEB, has announced the availability of its Managed Hosting Servers product, which combines the benefits of both virtualisation and cloud computing in one solution.

Designed for customers who have outgrown their current shared hosting needs or that want to manage and sell multiple hosting sites themselves, the solutions are available in several variations targeted specifically to software developers, eMarketing specialists and smaller Internet service providers (ISPs).

“Many South African companies are realising the benefits of and are migrating towards highly scalable and customisable cloud platforms,” says Mark Slingsby, technical director at RSAWEB. “Most effective marketing campaigns are currently being deployed online and this, coupled with the fact that businesses are finding more creative ways to interact with their customer in the online space, and you have higher growth in traffic to their sites – growth which needs to be managed.”

Businesses are seeking a solution that offers support and scalability on demand, as and when it’s required, he adds. “Our hosted server solution is an option for companies that require support for unpredictable traffic spikes and dips with high levels of customer service on the back-end, freeing up their current IT staffers to focus on strategic business solutions instead of technological ones.”

RSAWEB’s Managed Hosting Server solutions have been structured to allow users to manage their hosting environments through the MyRSAWEB control panel in exactly the same manner they would a shared hosting, but with the added benefit of having their own dedicated resources.

These solutions run in a virtualised environment, which allows for instant migration to new hardware in the event of a fault. Resources can also be provisioned dynamically, which means that, unlike in a traditional dedicated server environment where users would have to migrate the entire server to a new set of hardware, as soon as more resources are needed, they are simply switched on.

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Local ISP launches new hosting product