New PDF converter available

Workgroup announced release of Nuance PDF converter

Workgroup, has announced the immediate availability of Nuance PDF Converter Professional version 6, an upgraded release of Nuance’s flagship desktop PDF solution.

With this release, Nuance is enabling organisations to replace Adobe Acrobat software at around a third of the cost, says Gladwel Soko, Nuance product manager at Workgroup.

“PDF Converter Pro 6 incorporates the rich feature set needed by companies that create, edit, convert and share PDF documents and includes a range of document productivity and collaboration features that aren’t available in most PDF creation and conversion software,” he adds.

The new PDF Portfolios feature enables paperless collaboration, embedding file-types and folders – including PDF and Microsoft Office documents, and even images and videos – into a single PDF file with simple click and drag steps.

Similarly, the Document Assembly feature lets users drag and drop various file types into a PDF, and even renumber pages and edit headers and footers automatically within the newly assembled PDF document. A new PDF Auto-Pilot feature allows users to collapse multiple editing tasks into a single click.

PDF Converter Professional 6 also allows users to scan paper documents directly to PDF, saving time by eliminating the need to scan and then convert the resulting image. Users can choose to make scanned PDF files searchable or convert them to fully formatted Word or Excel documents, using an accurate optical character recognition (OCR) engine (Nuance’s OmniPage software), which is built into version 6.

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New PDF converter available