Western Cape farm gets wireless infrastructure

Nology wireless system imporves dairy farm monitoring

Boesmansfontein, a Western Cape dairy farm situated in the Swartland, has taken the proverbial leap to wireless communications with the implementation of a wireless infrastructure by Nology reseller PC-Dot-Com.

The farm now benefits from improved monitoring and real-time remote access to its dairy stall and 400 cows, as well as enhanced communication on the farm in general.

Says Dicky Hewitt of Boesmansfontein: “Our dairy stall features a computer system which, among others, runs the Afikim Israeli software application for statistical analysis of our cows.”

Boesmanfontein approached PC-Dot-Com who proposed a wireless system that included AirLive WL5460AP wireless access points, weather proof casings and brackets – a solution that would cope with all environmental conditions.

The implementation went smoothly and the three AirLive access points as well as supporting technology, such as the scoop antennas, were installed in three days.

Boesmansfontein now benefits from a wireless system that allows it to gain immediate and remote access to Afikim and other applications running on the dairy stall’s IT infrastructure.

“The wireless system has undoubtedly made difference to the way we manage our operations on the farm,” says Hewitt. “I can now monitor the dairy stall and send information to the other buildings and offices while continuing to work in my office.

“It saves on time and allows us to make decisions on the fly as we can keep an eye on our cows on an ongoing basis while analysing the information provided to us by the Afikim system.”

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Western Cape farm gets wireless infrastructure