Comprehensive anti-spam service in SA

SonicWALL anti-spam filter available locally

LOOPHOLD Security Distribution, the local distributor of SonicWALL technology, has announced the SonicWALL Comprehensive Anti-Spam Service (CASS), a solution delivering advanced spam protection fully integrated with SonicWALL’s Unified Threat Management Firewalls.

The new service is designed to be easily enabled on SonicWALL TZ, NSA and E-Class NSA Series security appliances and will immediately begin to filter SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) email traffic to remove spam, phishing threats and even virus-laden email.

The service’s hybrid-cloud design simplifies set-up while optimising protection, and upon activation stops spam before it enters the corporate network. The solution also allows for IT administrators to quarantine individual junk mail boxes- a first in the industry. The Comprehensive Anti-Spam Service differs from other firewall services in that it is a true and complete enterprise-class anti-spam service and not a simple black list filter or OEM list.

Says Martin Tassev, MD of LOOPHOLD, “Spam, phishing and infected messages now make up almost 94% of global email – and this no longer merely an annoyance, but a real threat to organisational productivity and security. Small and medium organisations, with less sophisticated security solutions, are often the hardest hit. SonicWALL’s Comprehensive Anti-Spam Service provides a viable and easy-to-use solution for these organisations to combat this problem”.

By integrating directly with the firewall, the SonicWALL solution is able to scan every packet across every protocol.

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Comprehensive anti-spam service in SA