CA launches a local support centre

Business follows up local launch with customer support services

Following its recent launch, CA Southern Africa (CA SA) has announced that it will be opening a local support centre.

According to Helen Welensky, support manager at CA SA, the partnership with EOH has enabled CA SA to put a much needed local support centre in place.  “We are the IT Management experts and to deliver against that promise we will ensure that we have the technical expertise to assist our customers in obtaining value from our solutions across the entire life cycle right from the design stage to the build stage to the manage stage,” she says.

Welensky says that the creation of a local support centre is one of the crucial building blocks in the manage stage and in order to ensure the support centre adds real value to customers, a support coordinator will be dedicated to logging incoming telephonic or web-based queries to ensure they are handled efficiently.

“This will be a customer’s first point of contact,” she says. “Once a call has been logged, a local support engineer will take ownership, and our intention is that these support engineers build a relationship with our customers, apart from providing a high quality of support and quick resolution times.”

“The global support centres will continue to provide additional levels of support when required but having a local support centre staffed with local people that understand the local customer environments, speak local languages and that can go to site when required is what our Customers have been asking us for,” she says.

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CA launches a local support centre