Desktop cloud service launched

IBM launches desktop cloud service for consumers

IBM today announced the availability of the industry’s first public desktop cloud service.

“Today more than ever, enterprises need an affordable, reliable and efficient way to deploy and manage desktop infrastructures,” says Jan Jackman, Vice President, End User Services, IBM Global Technology Services. “The public desktop cloud service is designed to help bring cost savings, flexibility, scalability and security to clients like never before.”

The new IBM Smart Business Desktop on the IBM Cloud subscription service helps clients virtualize desktop computing resources, and provide a logical, rather than a physical, method of access to data, computing power, storage capacity and other resources. This service requires no up front capital or one time expense and is designed to provide enhanced levels of security, resiliency, reliability, and quality for virtual desktops.

Supported by government funding, the Hispanic Information and Telecommunications Network is partnering with IBM on a grass roots project called CBO Connect to provide desktop computing to over 200 sites nationwide. The CBO Connect is a coalition of community based organizations consisting of non-profits, schools and libraries where visitors have access to 21st century classrooms that offer desktop cloud computing, interactive video conferencing for distance learning, video distribution system with digital signage, and other classroom and administrative services.

“We recognize the interdependency between access to online services, economic development and the quality of life,” said Jose Rodriguez, CEO of the Hispanic Information Telecommunications Network. “By working with IBM, we can build classrooms to serve as technology learning centers for underserved broadband communities and ultimately provide a low cost entry point for residential subscribers by using cloud computing services.”

IBM plans to make the IBM Smart Business Desktop on the IBM Cloud service available in North America and Europe starting October 2009.

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Desktop cloud service launched