Local company dedicated to sustainable paper use

Nashua Mobile plants trees in Arbor Month

Nashua Mobile and Food & Trees for Africa (FTFA) will celebrate Arbor Month by planting nearly 3000 trees throughout Cosmo City, North of Johannesburg.

The first of these trees were planted at Tirisano Mmogo Junior Secondary School in Cosmo City and 500 trees were planted at individual homes on the same day. A further 2450 trees will be planted throughout Cosmo City during Arbour Month by FTFA on behalf of Nashua Mobile. The money donated to beautify and green Cosmo City – about R190 000.00 – was raised through a Nashua Mobile pledge to donate R10.00 to FTFA for every one of its subscribers who opt to receive their monthly accounts via email instead of in the post.

A Japanese delegation from Wonderful World of Trees Festival was also in attendance to make a donation of 50 trees, while the phenomenal EarthWalker who inspired the community and shared insights into the importance of plant life to humanity.

Nashua Mobile has converted more than 44 000 customers from paper-based statements to electronic billing over the past six months. As more customers continue to move away from paper-based bills, they are helping to save numerous trees and countless litres of water, as well as to reduce solid waste and toxic air pollutants.

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Local company dedicated to sustainable paper use