How to store data on a smartphone

Blackberry suggests how to make the most of available storage space

Emails, applications, music, and photos are what use the greatest portion of available storage on smartphones.

There are a number of storage options for these files. Learning a few tools will help to maximise the space available on a smartphone so you don’t have to deleting old content does not have to be the only option when new information.

Here are some methods to free up space on a BlackBerry smartphone:

•    Use a microSD card:
Use a microSD card to extend the memory available on a smartphone for storing media files such as songs, ring tones, videos, or pictures.

•    Change the default location for saving photos and videos:
Check where pictures and media are being stored, and change the location from device memory to the microSD card if necessary.

•    Change allocated media memory:
BlackBerry Media Sync is a programme that allows the user to automatically sync media files on a BlackBerry smartphone with files in Windows Media or iTunes folders. One of its features is to control the space that media can take on the device.

•    Clean up browser cookies and cache:
Clearing out the Internet browser’s cache and cookies can free up valuable space for other applications and data.

•    Delete data from a media card:
Users should remember to regularly clear out unwanted data such as ring tones, movies or pictures from a microSD card. When deleting or modifying a lot of data at once, it may be faster to plug the device into a computer using a USB cable. This will allow you to use the computer’s file explorer to view and modify the files on the BlackBerry smartphone and the microSD card.

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How to store data on a smartphone