Company addresses major online security threats

Fortinet addresses threats with new range

A recent Threatscape Report by Fortinet cites a significant increase in web threat traffic – phishing and malware’s growth was the highest yet.

Unfortunately, these gains also mean volume directed towards malicious sites, which will undoubtedly have an impact on next-generation online services and its targeted users.

Says Amy Thomas, Fortinet Product Manager at official distributor Zycko, “What is evident from the Threatscape Report is that malicious attacks, be it Web traffic, email viruses or more sophisticated exploitations are on the rise. Taking cognisance of the world’s “threatscape”, Fortinet recently launched its product strategy – at a partner conference in St Andrews, Scotland – which will enable organisations to fortify their infrastructure against the latest and increasingly sophisticated attacks.”

Fortinet offers a security solution that encompasses email, gateway, database, web applications and end-points.  Looking more closely at some of the products, the FortiGate-5000 chassis-based security platform has been designed to be the cornerstone of high-performance security infrastructures.

Says Thomas; “The FortiGate-5000 is ideal for high-speed multi-threat security gateways, managed security services, and complex security zoning applications. Support for high-density GigE and 10GigE interfaces provides flexibility and throughput scalability, while integration with Fortinet’s centralised management and reporting solutions provides comprehensive control of large-scale deployments.”

Enhancing Fortinet’s FortiGate series is the company’s FortiOS 4.0, which provides the foundation for the operation of all FortiGate appliances, from the core kernel functions to the security processing feature sets.

Thomas concludes, “FortiScan – together with Fortinet’s complementary FortiDB, FortiWeb and FortiGate appliances – offer an end-to-end compliance strategy that extends from the client, to databases, to web applications, to the overall network.”

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Company addresses major online security threats