Company implements IP voice solution

Zycko moves courier company from analogue to digital system

Zycko together with local partner IP Telesys recently successfully migrated DCB Logistics, a South African courier company, from an analogue system to an IP-based voice solution from Scopserv International using the Polycom Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) based IP handsets.

Scopserv, the IP based PBX system now allows DCB Logistics to proactively manage incoming and outgoing calls; optimising business response while also future-proofing the company’s investment, allowing it to migrate to a complete IP-based telephony system when ready.

According to Susan Adamini, communication officer at DCB Logistics, the company’s eight year old analogue system had become obsolete and as a result they took the decision to start researching a more feasible, updated option.

“We did considerable research, looking at various solutions – it was also in during this time that we can across Scopserv’s IP-based Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) system, which we believe adheres to our needs.  The next step was to find a local specialist that could install the system and we engaged IP Telesys – through word of mouth – to present a solution.”

IP Telesys’ solution Scopserv offered DCB Logistics the various features they required such as improved management of calls and scheduling capability as well a system that would future-proof their investment.

“They required a system that would grow as the organisation evolved, simply making the necessary software upgrades and so forth without having to go through the entire process again a few years down the line,” comments Janet Souter, MD of IP Telesys.

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Company implements IP voice solution