Server management enhancements launched

HP launches additions to its automation software

HP today announced enhancements to its business service management and automation software. The new HP offerings help minimise the operational costs of virtualisation by lowering infrastructure complexity and enabling greater resource efficiency.

According to a recent report from Gartner, “Virtualisation’s impact on the overall IT industry has been dramatic, and virtualisation will continue to be the leading catalyst for infrastructure and operations software change through 2013. Organisations are looking at ways to cut costs, better utilise assets, and reduce implementation and management time and complexity.”

“HP business service automation software helps us eliminate manual, error-prone tasks by automating server lifecycle management, including provisioning multiple operating systems, software installation, deployment of patches, configuration management and audits,” said Ron Cotten, senior manager IT OSS Engineering, Level 3 Communications, a leading international provider of voice, video, and data communications services. “With HP Server Automation, we are able to patch over 1800 servers in 24 hours, which helps us reduce scheduled downtime.”

“To make virtualisation cost effective, customers must be vigilant to minimise operating expenses and have seamless management of infrastructure silos,” said Clive Brindley, Head: Solutions Architecture, HP Software + Solutions, South Africa. “Our newly enhanced HP business service offerings help customers manage all aspects of the physical and virtual application infrastructure to unlock the true promise of virtualisation.”

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Server management enhancements launched