HP and Informatica offer new data management solutions to businesses

A range of new products are available to assist businesses with the complex utilisation of data

HP and Informatica have announced a new portfolio of “integrated business intelligence solutions,” that are aimed at aiding users of the system to “accelerate business decisions by giving them access to more timely and accurate information.”

These offerings combine Informatica’s data integration capabilities with the HP Neoview enterprise data warehouse platform, as well as HP’s business intelligence strategic consulting and implementation services. HP plans to sell these offerings through its Business Intelligence Solutions sales teams.

The product offerings are geared towards providing customers of the system with consistent and customisable data views which can be tailored to the needs of individual users, and aid in business processes.

HP acknowledges that IT budgets are being cut in the current economic environment but asserts that they have observed new trends in the business intelligence space over the past months, including spending in this area.

Clive Brindley, Head of Solutions Architecture at HP Software & Solutions, South Africa says “The weakened economy has been a strong driver for information to be treated as a strategic asset within the business place – helping companies to make better decisions, faster. Our new solutions will help our clients to get the most out of their investments in business intelligence.

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HP and Informatica offer new data management solutions to businesses