In-store ATMs driven by GPRS technology

Withdrawing cash from an ATM should be easy, convenient and above all safe. ATMs dispense the vast majority of cash in circulation and access to an ATM is critical to the many new and existing card holders across the country. Spark ATM Systems has been instrumental in increasing the public’s access to cash by deploying in-store convenience ATMs in a broad spectrum of retail and hospitality venues.

In-store ATMs are very popular as they attract customers who combine the secure and convenient cash withdrawal and shopping, together in one visit. These ATMs also allow the site owner to save on expensive cash deposit fees by loading his own ATM. The gross dispensed cash is automatically in his bank account the following day. He also earns a rebate per transaction, making the ATM a revenue generator for him and his business.

Availability of a strong and consistent GPRS signal to operate these ATMs in metro and urban areas is a challenge and requires a strong and reliable communications partner with a national footprint. Using Datalinx Technologies CellPAD GPRS modem, Spark ATMs are able to utilise the major cellular networks to process customer transactions via Saswitch. “The CellPAD, a GPRS-based ATM, point-of-sale and transaction processing device, contains two simcards to ensure maximum uptime by automatically switching to the network that has the best coverage” says Réan van Niekerk, MD of Datalinx Technologies.

“We are yet to find a single site in South Africa where the Datalinx CellPAD modem is not able to do its job,” says Marc Sternberg, MD of Spark ATM Systems. “The technology is robust, reliable and affordable.”

Spar Alphen merchant, David Cohen says of Spark ATM Systems: “to keep a customer happy on the day of installation is easy but to keep him happy after 3 years is amazing. This is a real testament to the company’s great service standards. I wish all my suppliers were like Spark ATM.” ATM settlement, reconciliation and reporting are all done automatically on a daily basis. Skilled technicians service the ATMs and the company doesn’t charge for parts or labour.

Sternberg believes that customer service is everything “price and product get you into the game, but customer service wins you the game.”

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In-store ATMs driven by GPRS technology