64GB compact flash card release

SanDisk announces new line of compact flash cards

SanDisk today revealed its new range of compact flash cards designed for use within digital cameras and other handheld devices.

The Extreme Pro CF line features 90MB/s read and write performance and, more notably, offers some of the largest capacity options available on the compact flash market. The range includes 16GB, 32GB and 64GB options and will be priced between $300 (R2250) and $800 (R6000) according to capacity.

In addition SanDisk debuted its Extreme range which includes 8GB, 16GB and 32GB capacity options and 60MB/s read and write performance. These will be available from $130 (R975) to $375 (R2800) according to level of capacity.

Local availability and pricing have not yet been confirmed.

While the Extreme Pro CF line may be reserved for professional photographers and avid enthusiasts the Extreme family will should provide digital camera users with much needed storage capacity for high resolution images at a reasonable price point.

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64GB compact flash card release