Customer feedback tool available on free trial

Eyerys platform is now available on a free 30 day trial

Smoke Customer Care Solutions (SmokeCCS) today announced its locally developed Eyerys platform, a real-time contact centre customer feedback and agent evaluation tool which is available to businesses for 30 days free of charge.

“Our aim is to add value to any business looking to improve their service delivery by making their clients feel more valued, encouraging their agents to perform better and freeing managers and supervisors up to actively manage the agents and services to their clients,” says Andrew Cook, MD at SmokeCCS.

Eyerys integrates with any call centre system and does not alter the way in which calls are currently handled. The online Eyerys platform allows supervisors to create their own feedback surveys online. The contact centre agents are given a unique survey telephone number to transfer all callers to in order for them to complete the Eyerys questionnaire.

“Eyerys gives contact centres the functionality to evaluate agent performance by the clients themselves, thereby getting independent feedback through detailed structured reports. Contact centre managers are able to continuously track agent performance based on client feedback, which allows them to identify bad service delivery and immediately address client dissatisfaction before they decide to move to a competitor.

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Customer feedback tool available on free trial