eSATA external hard drives now available in

Company announces availability of long awaited eSATA external drives

Drive Control Corporation (DCC) today announced the addition of Verbatim’s 2-Disk RAID External Hard Drive 2TB and 3.5” External Hard Drive USB & FireWire Combo 1TB to South African outlets.

The Verbatim 2-Disk RAID External Hard Drive 2TB’s eSATA feature allows for transfer rates of 3GB/s, six times the speed of a USB port which transfers at 480Mbit/s. Because eSATA does not translate data while copied or moved from the interface towards the computer or vice versa it saves on processor resources.

Moreover, eSATA also possesses a hot-swappable feature that greatly expedites the process of taking storage devices from one place to another.

“The 2-Disk RAID External Hard Drive is ideal for mid-sized organisations that require high-storage capacity without the resultant capital expenditure.  Two terabytes offers considerable flexibility allowing these businesses to securely store their organisational data, particularly at a time where cash constraints stand in the way of big storage systems,”comments GJ van Rensburg, Verbatim product specialist at DCC.

Each drive features Firewire 800 and USB 2.0 interfaces.

The 3.5” External Hard Drive is also compatible with Windows Vista and Mac’s Time Machine feature.

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eSATA external hard drives now available in