Netscaler virtual appliance from Citrix

Citrix unveils its new virtualization software

Citrix Systems has announced the general availability of the Citrix NetScaler VPX virtual appliance and unveiled a new Citrix Ready Open Networking Programme to support it.

The new programme establishes a partner ecosystem to support Citrix NetScaler VPX, the industry’s only application delivery and load balancing solution that is available as a virtual appliance.

With the introduction of the Open Networking Programme, Citrix is making it easier for ISVs, enterprise customers and cloud infrastructure providers to create virtual networking solutions they can confidently integrate with a broad range of partner solutions already verified to work with NetScaler VPX.

“As South Africa is currently experiencing a downturn in IT spend, coupled with the high cost of “space” within data centres, companies are looking at maximising their current investment with minimal spend,” said Magda Hanekom, Citrix product manager at Workgroup.

“The availability of the NetScaler VPX appliance will allow companies to implement such features as load balancing, ssl offloading and application compression, all without the additional cost of rack space or hardware maintenance traditionally associated with such deployments.”

“The virtual appliance allow for the rollout of flexible solutions that can reduce the requirements of backend systems and further reduces the running costs in the data centre.

NetScaler VPX is available today from Citrix Solution Advisors worldwide. In addition to being available with Standard, Enterprise and Platinum Edition feature sets, NetScaler VPX Express Edition can be downloaded for free from. NetScaler VPX is also available as an on-demand, cloud-based service from cloud vendors such as SoftLayer.

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Netscaler virtual appliance from Citrix