Mxit partners with Big Brother

Instant messaging service allows for free voting across Africa

M-Net’s Big Brother Revolution  has formed a strategic alliance with mobile social network and instant messenger MXit to provide a free voting and chatroom platform for fans of the reality television show.

“Big Brother Revolution is a very exciting initiative for us, because it fits so perfectly with our recent expansion into Africa,” says Juan du Toit, international marketing manager for MXit. “

MXit already has an extensive footprint across the African continent and is gaining enormous registrations in countries like Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Namibia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and the rest of the continent.  I

MXit partnered with the reality show to afford its users free voting, with the ability to cast up to ten votes for their favourite housemate.

“The African mobile market is excited about mobile social networking, and we are meeting their demand for this by offering a range of exciting services and features that is synonymous with the global MXit community, says Du Toit.

“Africa’s mobile market is expected to yield the highest social networking on a mobile phone growth over the next three years.  In a survey of mobile users across the continent, we found that 65% of our respondents believe that social networking on a mobile phone is the best, and cheapest, way to keep in contact with friends and family.  Now we can extend this to voting, especially for Big Brother Revolution, who has a gigantic following throughout the continent.”

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Mxit partners with Big Brother