Software due to change how people collaborate

IBM debuts new products

IBM today announced new software that is due to change how people will collaborate.

In front of over than 3,500 customers and business partners attending the IBM Rational Software Development Conference, IBM announced 20 products that alter how organisations and people communicate.

These new offerings use IBM’s Jazz collaborative technology to help geographically distributed software delivery teams work together in an open, real-time manner to more effectively deliver and source software solutions.

“Currently, organizational, geographical and technical silos inhibit business agility and return on software investments. In a globally integrated enterprise, organizations need to transform how they collaborate to get the job done,” said Dr. Daniel Sabbah, general manager, IBM Rational Software. “IBM’s Jazz platform breaks down location, infrastructure and organizational barriers, transforming the practice of global software delivery.”

According to Forrester Research*, only 37% of stakeholders are satisfied with the speed of internal application development, and just 42% are satisfied with the quality. IBM’s new Jazz platform can transform software delivery into a dynamic integration of people, processes and projects. As the scope of software development and delivery broadens in this era of globalization, IBM is incorporating social networking and Web 2.0 practices into the new versions of its market-leading software delivery platform.

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Software due to change how people collaborate