Local VoIP gets an update

Polycom introduces business media phone to the market

Polycom today introduced its VVX 1500 business media phone, which combines a personal video conferencing system with a fully featured voice over IP (VoIP) telephone with Polycom HD Voice and an open application programming interface (API) and microbrowser, to the market.

The Polycom VVX 1500 features the Polycom XML API (application programming interface), an open API and microbrowser which essentially allow XML application developers and systems integrators (SI) to integrate the business media phone with a myriad of applications.

Chris Wortt, VoIP Sales Manager at Polycom in Europe, Middle East & Africa(EMEA) explains: “South Africa has a lot of XML players and highly competent developers.  The VVX 1500 will undoubtedly appeal to the country mass-XML programming community, allowing them to develop fantastic applications geared towards their customer needs.”

“Plus, with the always-on touch-screen user interface of the phone developers can place icons on the screen for users to locate and start their applications easily, and therefore, improving overall usability.”

The Polycom VVX 1500 also comes standard with its own set of applications including the Polycom Productivity Suite, which enables users to initiate and control audio conference calls right from the device’s screen as well as record calls locally using a flash drive in the phone’s USB port.

“Ultimately, it is about gaining the most from your business media phone.

The benefits of VoIP and video are well-documented, however, it is about crossing the proverbial barrier and allowing Unified Communications to come full circle,” concludes Wortt.

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Local VoIP gets an update