Retailers offered a markdown solution

Epicor releases markdown optmisation software

Epicor Software Corporation announced today that MarkdownXpert, a next-generation optimisation solution from Applied Intelligence Solutions (AIS), is now available as a standard integrated offering for customers of its industry-leading Epicor Retail Merchandising suite.

Markdown optimisation enables retailers to apply an effective markdown strategy to better manage inventory and margin risk; while some level of mark downs are key to stimulating sales, unchecked near-continuous markdowns can erode profits.

MarkdownXpert “learns” from each retailer’s best practices over time to make recommendations that reflect the way items should be effectively reduced.

“To weather today’s economic climate, retailers are finding the need to be more scientific and strategic when it comes to markdown management,” said AIS CEO Jim Dixon.

“We’re proud to be working with Epicor to integrate MarkdownXpert and Epicor Retail Merchandising, combining two stellar retail offerings to provide organisations with a simple-to-use, comprehensive solution that gives retailers vital insight that can help increase sales and profitability.”

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Retailers offered a markdown solution