iBurst revamps data centre

Company implements APC solutions

Wireless broadband Internet provider, iBurst, has revamped its data centre using APC by Schneider Electric solutions, becoming the first local company to implement APC by Schneider Electric’s InRow cooling racks with Thermal Containment.

“When iBurst needed to move to interim offices that would house us for around 43 months, we decided that it was necessary to build a new data centre that would be flexible and modular enough to move easily when the time came,” he explains. “We also wanted a solution that could expand with the company as needed.”

Having successfully utilised APC solutions within its earlier data centre, iBurst opted to implement APC InRow cooling racks with a hot aisle containment system to prevent warm air from mixing with room air; NetBotz security and environmental appliances for access control and monitoring and InfraStruXure Manager, a management platform that increases visibility of server rooms and smaller data centres by outlining the health and status of all APC devices.

“The new data centre provides us with the ability to manage all aspects of the data centre from a central location and provides real time alerts to any potential problem before it impacts on our service to our customers, who are our most valuable assets.

“The advanced design of the cabinets eliminates the chance of an accidental service impacting event due to tracing cables,” says Devine.

Designed to completely separate the supply and return air paths of the company’s IT equipment, APC’s Thermal Containment products ensures the warmest possible air is returned to the InRow cooling units.

“The APC solutions met all of iBurst’s requirements,” states Devine. “Not only does our new cooling setup provide us with N+1 redundancy, the maintenance and maintenance of these products is also very simple and rack accessibility has been greatly improved.

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iBurst revamps data centre