Kingsley Holgate joins Twitter

frican adventurer will be regularly ‘Tweeting’ about his journeys

Kingsley Holgate, a well known African adventurer and philanthropist can now be followed on Twitter where he will give live updates about his expeditions, his upcoming book and the work he and his family team are doing across the continent to improve the lives of underprivileged communities.

Kingsley Holgate says:  “I took note of a community on Facebook that has been started as a tribute to what we do, and noticed the power of social networking. Through my Twitter profile I will be able to communicate with followers in Africa and anywhere else across the globe. This tool will also enable me to spread the message about the social upliftment initiatives such as the campaign against malaria, the Rite to Sight campaign, the provision of mobile libraries, learning materials and Lifestraws for purified water.”

Kingsley Holgate has just concluded his most recent feat, the Boundless Southern Africa Expedition, which took him across nine countries in Southern Africa. The 15,500 km coast to coast journey took 120 days and linked seven transfrontier conservation areas, more than 30 national parks and nature reserves and more importantly the communities that live in and alongside these wildlife areas. It was all about nature, culture and community.

“My journeys have taken me to different parts of Africa where I have been privileged to meet thousands of people of many cultures and creeds. Through Twitter I hope to be able to stay in close touch with people who care about community work and keep the legendary spirit of adventure alive,” says Holgate.

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Kingsley Holgate joins Twitter