Enhanced protection suite offered to South Africans

Symantec releases new protection suite locally

The Symantec division at Workgroup has announced the local availability of Symantec’s Protection Suite Enterprise Edition, which offers expanded abilities to protect enterprises against Web-based threats with the addition of Web Gateway 4.5.

The Web security appliance provides protection by employing multiple layers of anti-malware technologies to protect customers against the most prevalent botnets and Web 2.0 threats, says Justice Mcebi, product manager: Symantec at Workgroup.

“Web Gateway gives Protection Suite Enterprise Edition customers a real-time inspection engine that scans inbound and outbound traffic on-the-fly with zero latency, eliminating the delays commonly associated with proxy-based architectures,” he says.

“On top of this real-time traffic inspection, it adds multi-layer defences for comprehensive protection against inappropriate or malicious sites, active content, application file downloads and ‘phone-home’ traffic.”

As the Web has evolved to a more interactive, social Web, it has been accompanied by a mass proliferation of attacks. Web-based attacks are now the primary vector for malicious activity over the Internet as the attacks seek to exploit the increase in Web application vulnerabilities.

“But Symantec Web Gateway is giving our customers real-time detection and protection against this explosion of Web threats,” says Mcebi. “It combines that with a comprehensive Web reporting and alert system and with the ability to create flexible policies and controls across the organisation.”

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Enhanced protection suite offered to South Africans