Lenovo collaborates with Microsoft for enhanced Windows 7

Company announces Windows 7 Enhanced Lenovo Experience

Lenovo has announced the Windows 7 Lenovo Enhanced Experience – a certification only available on Lenovo products.

Lenovo Enhanced Experience is the result of joint engineering between Lenovo and Microsoft designed to provide PCs that run effectively with Windows 7.

“To achieve Windows 7 Lenovo Enhanced Experience certification, Lenovo’s technical team and developers have worked with Microsoft during the making of Windows 7 to create an exceptionally-engineered hardware and software experience,” said Fran O’Sullivan, senior vice president, Think Product Group, Lenovo.  “Advances in PC technology are giving users even better tools to increase their personal productivity at work, and this Enhanced Experience certification lets customers know that our Think PCs are optimised for business.”

Enhanced Experience Idea PCs have optimised system files, processes and hardware settings and achieve quicker boot and shutdown compared with non-optimised Idea PCs.

With Enhanced Experience, Lenovo customers will be able to start Windows 7 Idea PCs up to 33 percent faster and shutdown 50 percent faster than identical configuration, non-optimised PCs.

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Lenovo collaborates with Microsoft for enhanced Windows 7