IT burden lifted with integrated Data Loss Prevention

IT security and data protection firm Sophos has introduced new, content-aware Data Loss Prevention (DLP) technology to simplify how companies mitigate against accidental data loss. By seamlessly integrating DLP into the new release of Sophos Endpoint Security and Data Protection (ESDP), Sophos can offer businesses greater control over sensitive data without any additional licensing costs.

Businesses, which have been unable to expand their budgets or IT teams, can now use a single agent to protect against data loss, secure their networks against malware, adware, suspicious files and behaviour, as well as control unauthorised devices and applications.  The Endpoint product also checks a further compliance tick box by providing full disk and removable storage encryption.

“Data protection is a serious issue, and too many organisations are risking a public spanking and costly fines by not having a viable solution in place,” says Brett Myroff, CEO of regional Sophos distributor, Sophos South Africa.

Sophos’s DLP technology is designed to take the burden away from IT administrators. Through simple configuration, the solution allows organisations to avoid accidental data loss by warning its employees of possible breaches before any data is transferred. This approach allows IT teams to set flexible security policies that protect the company without impeding on business continuity or end-user productivity.

In addition to integrated data loss prevention, Sophos ESDP simplifies cross-platform security. Enhanced application and device control capabilities, such as setting the permissions for removable storage – including USB sticks, external hard disks and wireless connection technologies (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Infrared) – is also included. IT administrators can centrally set group security policies as well as choose from a number of reports, which address compliance reporting requirements, via the Enterprise Console dashboard.

High costs of purchase and day-to-day management have put some businesses off investing in DLP, says Myroff. “Sophos is making use of its 25 years’ experience in anti-virus and encryption and adding DLP to what we already do. So far, the DLP industry has insisted on reinventing the wheel with separate agents and separate management infrastructure.  This slows users down and involves the IT team in a huge project that they haven’t got time or money for; it’s these overburdened IT teams who find our offering so appealing.”

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IT burden lifted with integrated Data Loss Prevention