Software as a Service key to success

Post Vision Technology CEO believes SaaS will become vital to success

Software as a Service (SaaS) will play a massive part in future computing by providing organisations with cost-effective access to specifically required services, assisting them to improve efficiency and reduce expenses, says Guy Jelley, CEO of Post Vision Technology.

However, with businesses able to obtain the software directly from the vendor, many CIOs, IT managers and channel resellers are left wondering what their future role would be.

“Internally, companies are starting to realise that SaaS is not a threat, but rather reduces the burden on internal IT resources,” says Jelley. “As opposed to managing all IT services for a business, SaaS eliminates the internal dependency on infrastructure, hardware, backup, DR and maintenance, enabling CIOs and IT managers to play a more strategic role.”

A recent survey conducted by THINKstrategies in conjunction with Cutter Consortium found that customer adoption of SaaS has grown from 32 percent in 2007 to 63 percent in 2008, with satisfaction, renewal and referral rates exceeding 90 percent. “This is a result that you won’t get when surveying most internal IT departments,” he says.

Post Vision Technology has developed a web-based software tool, PPO (Project Portfolio Office), which follows the On-Demand/SaaS model in providing organisations and individuals access to the application on a hosted and rental basis over the Internet. The company has also implemented a partner programme and doesn’t sell directly to the market.

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Software as a Service key to success