Misinformation campaign won’t stop CIPRO

CIPRO CEO comments on internal issues

CIPRO Chief Executive Officer, Keith Sendwe today said that the leadership of CIPRO was not discouraged by what appears to be an ongoing, misinformation campaign designed to thwart an internal transformation programme that is currently being implemented by the organisation.

“We will continue undeterred with our organisational transformation programme which is in the best interests of our clients and in keeping with the broader national agenda.”

“The awarding of the CIPRO information technology tender to VALORit early this year has been addressed by the organisation and a number of questions were addressed via the office of the Director-General of Trade and Industry. This has been done on several occasions as well as on many different platforms including the media,” said Sendwe.

He added that in the interests of transparency and accountability, he once again wished to respond to a number of misleading assertions that were made in a media statement issued by Mr Andricus van der Westhuizen of the Democratic Alliance on 21 October 2009.

On the question of the ‘security clearance’ of Chief Information Officer, Dr Michael Twum-Darko, who is originally from Ghana and not from Botswana as incorrectly stated in the press statement, Sendwe said that Twum-Darko took office in January 2008. “He immediately completed security clearance documents, which were submitted to the National Intelligence Agency by CIPRO’s Security unit. He also completed assets declaration forms and signed the customary declaration of secrecy.”

“Most of the assertions made in the media statement issued by the DA are not new and have, as indicated earlier, been addressed by CIPRO and the Department of Trade and Industry on previous occasions. What is however disconcerting is the fact that they appear to be part of an attempt to cast aspersions on the leadership of CIPRO in order to bring the stature of the entity into disrepute.  We will not allow this to go unchallenged,” concluded Sendwe.

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Misinformation campaign won’t stop CIPRO