100 most influencial mining figures online

Online portal dedicated to African mining industry announced

Miningmx, SA’s leading mining media company and publisher of Rainmakers & Potstirrers, recently announced the launch of a new interactive online portal dedicated to the one hundred most influential players in the African resources industry. Miningmx readers, who include key industry decision makers, now have the opportunity to participate in the process for the first time and share their insights as to who deserves a spot in the industry’s most coveted annual.

“To date, our in-house team of Miningmx journalists has constituted the selection team. During the course of the year, our editorial team interacts with leaders in the mining industry and has a natural understanding of the industry’s boldest drivers,’ comments Miningmx executive editor, David McKay.

“By bringing Rainmakers & Potstirrers online however, we’re able to invite the mining industry and all its related participants to take part in a global conversation with the Miningmx editorial team and help shape the 2010 print edition for the first time,” McKay says.

“We’re looking forward to seeing who’ll be nominated for inclusion by colleagues, contemporaries and even boardroom rivals,” says Hayley Goodwin, business manager of Miningmx.com.

“We’ve been encouraged by the phenomenal readership growth* we’ve experienced over the past 6 months and hope that this is yet another part of Miningmx’s online offering that will continue to entertain and inform our global audience,” Goodwin adds.

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100 most influencial mining figures online