Windows 7 has major security flaws

McAfee security products support new release

McAfee has announced that its computer security products support Microsoft Windows 7, the new Microsoft operating system that was officially released today.

McAfee security products for consumers and businesses provide necessary protection for Windows 7 users against threats such as viruses, spyware, Trojan horses, hacker intrusions and malicious Web sites. In addition, McAfee encryption and data loss prevention solutions for enterprises will support Windows 7.

“McAfee technology ensures computer users around the globe have security protection available for their use of Windows 7. People upgrading their operating system should also upgrade their computer security,” said Dave DeWalt, McAfee president and chief executive officer. “We continue to see an elevated cybersecurity threat landscape with unprecedented levels of malicious software seen this year by McAfee Labs. Windows 7 is just as prone to attack as previous versions of Microsoft’s operating systems.”

Already Microsoft has had to address critical security flaws in Windows 7.

Earlier this month Microsoft issued its biggest software patch on record to fix a range of security issues in its software programs, including Windows 7. Several of the security flaws could allow a remote attacker to commandeer a vulnerable Windows system after the user simply views a rigged Web site. McAfee provided protection against exploitation of most of these security threats on the day of Microsoft’s patch release.

“With McAfee-based products supporting Windows 7, we can securely roll out the new Microsoft operating systems in our enterprise,” said Richard LaBella, manager corporate IT security at Citrix Systems. “Now is the time to update the operating system, it is also the time to update the necessary security tools to make sure the endpoints are properly protected.”

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Windows 7 has major security flaws