BlackBerry smartphone makes travelling easier

Travelling, whether for work or for pleasure, can be stressful. The pressure begins before you even leave home, with planning to be done and bookings to be made.

Then you can face long delays at the airport, heavy traffic on the roads and the challenge of navigating your way through unfamiliar turf. With a BlackBerry® smartphone in your pocket, you can find your way through these challenges with ease.

Not only does a BlackBerry smartphone help you to stay in touch with the people back home through email, voice and instant messaging, it also helps you to find your way around foreign territory, plan your travels, track your expenses and entertain yourself during those long hours in airport lounges.

A wealth of travel applications are available for BlackBerry smartphones.

One example is WorldMate Live for BlackBerry smartphones, which helps you to organise all your travel needs. Some of the functionality this clever application provides includes a travel checklist, an expense tracker, a currency converter, country fact sheets, a planning module, and more. The tool can be used to keep track of your travel arrangements for multiple trips, and even share your travel information with others or hook up with friends and colleagues on the move.

Dictionaries and Translators for BlackBerry smartphones are a must for travellers in foreign countries. For example, you can use BEIKS’ Dictionaries and Translators as your personal travel phrase book and even practice your French, Italian, Turkish, Japanese and more. With features like audio pronunciation, you’ll never get lost in translation.

Up-to-date weather information is also very useful to help plan your day. With WeatherBug on your BlackBerry smartphone you can receive up-to-the-minute weather information, severe weather alerts, detailed seven-day forecasts and local radar and live images.

You can make your travels even easier by using a currency converter like OANDA Currency converter on your BlackBerry smartphone. You simply need to select the currency you want to convert from and to, fill in the amount, and OANDA Currency does the math.

If you are looking for free and easy access to a wealth of must-have travel information, download the Quintessentially City Guide application. Quintessentially – the world’s leading private members’ club and 24 hour global concierge service – lets you know about the hottest restaurants, the most prestigious hotels and all manner of clubs, bars, spas, gyms, shops, markets and sightseeing spots across the world.

Features found in most BlackBerry smartphones such as the digital camera and integrated media player can all help to make your trip more enjoyable. If you have forgotten your digital camera, you can take photographs using the integrated camera. The media player, meanwhile, allows you listen to your own music and view video media files during the long trips.

Most BlackBerry smartphones like the BlackBerry® Curve™ 8900, BlackBerry® Storm™ 9500, and the BlackBerry® Bold™ smartphones, boast powerful built-in GPS functionality that gives you an all-in-one navigation system that makes sure you never get lost or need to stop to ask for directions.

Whether you are travelling in South Africa or abroad, a BlackBerry smartphone in your pocket will help you get the most out of the trip and ensure it is a pleasant experience.

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BlackBerry smartphone makes travelling easier