Software to assist government

IBM delivers software to assist government with service delivery

IBM today unveiled a new software platform designed to change the way that local, state and national governments manage and deliver services to the public.

The new IBM Government Industry Framework will help agencies use new technologies to transform their existing support and delivery processes.

Just as businesses have strengthened their focus on customers, governments are now finding success in reorienting their structures, information technology and processes around the citizens they serve

“For the first time we can see into our client activities to help them meet our (federal, state and county) rules for receiving benefits, or redirect funds to families that need our help much more rapidly,” said Don Edwards, Deputy Agency Director of Alameda Social Services Agency. “This milestone demonstrates that states and counties can securely verify that their records reflecting client cases are correct and can be shared. The ability to connect and exchange appropriate common client information will enhance the stability and well-being of our children, adults or elderly, and their families.”

Governments can expect similar benefits in other parts of their operations. For example, the framework can be deployed to better manage traffic congestion. By improving the flow of information and the processes that trigger the deployment of resources, vehicles can be re-routed as problems arise. Similarly, the advanced technology contained in the framework can improve communications and resource allocation among first-responders in emergency situations.

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Software to assist government