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McAfee Email and Web Security Appliance 5.5 released for small businesses

McAfee has announced McAfee Email and Web Security Appliance 5.5 to help protect customers against the latest e-mail and Web-borne threats, manage Web and e-mail traffic and usage, and reduce system administration requirements.

The McAfee Email and Web Security Appliance includes new features and functionality, including:
–     Artemis and TrustedSource Technology Integration: The first appliance release from McAfee that links to global threat intelligence from its Artemis and TrustedSource technologies.
–     Appliance Clustering with Load Balancing: Multiple appliances can be clustered to share scanning responsibilities for improved resiliency, scalability and consolidated management and reporting.
–     Simplified Installation: Auto-detects network settings and provides an easy to use configuration wizard, helping to simplify installation requirements and reduce installation time.
–     New Content Policy Wizards: Simplified creation and set up of content policies through the new configuration wizards and advanced dictionaries simplify policy creation, enable greater enforcement flexibility and reduce false positives and configuration errors.
–     Integrated URL Filtering: URL filtering is also included in the 5.5 release at no additional cost.

“In addition to its security effectiveness, this appliance also provides customers with e-mail and Web usage policy enforcement capabilities, compliance tools, informative dashboards and comprehensive reporting,” says Jayson O’Reilly, regional manager for Africa at McAfee.

“McAfee’s combined intelligence capabilities add an essential layer of protection to guard against today’s most advanced threats and work by accumulating data from millions of sensors, creating a real-time profile of all suspicious activity and content, and then watching for deviations based upon expected behaviour.”

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Email security appliance