ContinuitySA builds on business growth in Mauritius

World class Mauritian data centre the new site for South African IT disaster recovery company

In its efforts to attract business investment, Mauritius has created an IT infrastructure, culminating in its modern, well-equipped and connected Cyber City, located a few kilometres outside the capital, Port Louis.

Through this infrastructure, together with the addition of excellent communications capabilities connecting Mauritius (and the rest of Africa) to the world, Mauritius has become a well-connected offsite location with excellent communications infrastructure.

The Mauritian Board of Investment recently hosted a conference designed to highlight the opportunities on the island country, at which ContinuitySA was invited to speak in the Data Centre Strategies stream.

“The companies investing in Mauritius need to know they are able to continue operations in case of a disaster of any kind. Moreover, many of the firms investing in Mauritius use ContinuitySA’s services in Africa and wanted to do the same in their new location,” said Ansophie Strydom, GM of business development at ContinuitySA.

Another benefit for ContinuitySA in setting up a disaster recovery centre in Mauritius is the additional bandwidth that will become available to the island in the near future as a result of undersea fibre optic cables connections that have and are being laid at the moment.

“The additional bandwidth makes Mauritius a prime offsite backup location for companies looking for a safe, stable and accessible offshore recovery site,” said Strydom.

Strydom noted that while ContinuitySA is already operating in the country, it is in the process of setting up a new offsite recovery centre away from Port Louis in a joint venture with local partners Mauritius Telecomms and Blanche Birger.

“Effective Business Continuity planning necessitates a recovery site that is far from the business’s main location,” Strydom explained. “Fortunately Mauritius has a number of good locations available and is willing to collaborate with investors to ensure the country’s future prosperity.”

“People are one of the cornerstones of effective Business Continuity Management,” Strydom continued. “Real Business Continuity is more than simply taking care of your IT systems and data. Effective and reliable recovery means ensuring your critical people, technology and business processes have been identified and can be relocated as required to keep crucial operations running.”

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ContinuitySA builds on business growth in Mauritius