AMD Flash Player 10.1

World’s most pervasive multimedia platform delivers impressive video quality and advanced application performance on platforms powered by Vision Technology from AMD

AMD announced that the beta Adobe® Flash® Player 10.1 beta released today supports platforms powered by Vision Technology from AMD to deliver high-quality, high definition (HD) on Flash platform -based video and other rich Web based content and  applications. Flash Player 10.1 leverages ATI Stream technology and a balanced approach using both AMD CPUs and GPUs for an amazing experience, including improved video playback, reduced CPU utilization and extended battery life.

Flash Player 10.1 targets the standard DXVA APIs in Windows to take advantage of available hardware acceleration from supported AMD products running the appropriate ATI Catalyst driver on Windows-based PCs. AMD worked closely with Adobe to leverage the DirectX application programming interface and ATI Stream technology to decode H.264 video with the GPU.

“AMD and Adobe have collaborated to enable ATI Stream technology through Adobe Flash Player 10.1 to help end users more easily experience, create and share their visual media,” said Gaith Kadir, general manager, Middle East, Turkey and Africa, AMD. “Adobe Flash Player is one of the world’s most pervasive multimedia platforms and the number one video platform on the web today. By taking advantage of both the CPU and GPU resources available on AMD platforms, the new player delivers video that looks and performs better than ever before.”

“AMD has been at the forefront of utilising both the CPU and GPU on x86-based platforms to improve the performance of popular runtimes like the new Adobe Flash Player 10.1,” said David Wadhwani, general manager and vice president, Platform Business Unit at Adobe. “Consumers will be able to enjoy a smooth viewing experience when accessing rich, HD video content built with the Adobe Flash Platform on AMD based Windows PCs.”

The collaboration with Adobe is another milestone for AMD and it’s new identity in retail and e-tail environments called VISION, that focuses  on enabling a rich PC experience for consumers through AMD platforms, including vivid HD and Blu-ray video playback, life-like 3D games, brilliant, clear photos, and multi-tasking power for editing photos, music and videos.  In June 2009, AMD and Adobe announced a beta plug-in for Adobe® Premiere® Pro CS4 that dramatically enhances the performance on a range of complex video editing tasks.

Developers can download the beta version of Flash Player 10.1for preview from Adobe’s web site today. Flash Player 10.1 is expected to be generally available from Adobe in the first half of 2010.  Abode Flash 10.1 will be accelerated on notebook and desktop platforms that featuring AMD graphics, including:
•    ATI Radeon HD 4000, HD 5700 and HD 5800 series graphics
•    ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4000 series graphics (and higher)
•    ATI Radeon HD 3000 integrated graphics (and higher)
•    ATI FirePro V3750, V5700, V7750, V8700 and V8750 graphics accelerators (and later)

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AMD Flash Player 10.1