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Phoenix Software announces availability of AVG Gaming Protection Software

With the festive summer season rapidly approaching Phoenix Software have announced the availability of AVG Gaming Protection Software.

AVG Gaming Protection helps avid gamers keep safe while playing on line. Many gamers get tempted to switch off security software when playing on line as it takes up processing time and can slow down play. AVG Gaming Protection works in the background to identify any potential threats and block them.

Len Nery, Founder of Arena 77, SA’s leading gaming event hosting company recently tested the AVG Gaming product and commented, “The most important arsenal for a gamer is his or her computer and as such it needs to be protected from viruses that inevitably find their way onto our rigs. Whilst hosting tournaments, Arena 77 has to date never been able to successfully run an anti virus program that in no way negatively impacts on the event by way of lagging the network or draining system resources… until now that is! We have thoroughly tested AVG Gamers Edition on all our competition machines and can state without a shadow of a doubt that this will provide gamers with protection without interfering with their ping or system resources. It has our double thumbs up and we will be using AVG Gamers Edition antivirus on all our systems at all future events!”

AVG Gaming Protection is available from leading retailers countrywide for a recommended retail price of R179.99. From now to the end of December 2009 AVG Gaming Protection will be also offering an additional 25% discount to users who purchase on line from .

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