Sophos and Juniper Networks deliver integrated anti-spam

IT security and data protection firm Sophos has announced its collaboration with Juniper Networks to integrate its anti-spam technology into Juniper Networks SRX Series Services Gateways, SSG Series Secure Services Gateways and J Series Services Routers for the branch.

Juniper’s high-performance security platforms, designed for branch offices in small to large global deployments, provide protection from internal and external attacks, prevent unauthorised access and contribute to regulatory compliance.

According to the company, Juniper’s SRX Series, SSG Series and J Series using Sophos’s proactive, real-time IP reputation services can eliminate more than 90% of spam proactively and efficiently based on sender IP information, identifying spammers before their reputation has been established.  Sophos eXtensible List (SXL) real-time updates provide instant access to the latest anti-spam intelligence from SophosLabs without having to wait for an update to be distributed.

“Sophos has built a solid reputation for its dependable and high-performance enterprise security solutions,” said Alex Gray, vice president and general manager, Branch Solutions at Juniper Networks. “Sophos anti-spam intelligence will provide our distributed enterprise customers with the highest level of protection and ease of doing business.”

At the core of Sophos’s anti-spam technology is SophosLabs, a global network of blended threat research facilities.  SophosLabs analyses millions of emails and billions of web pages every day to deliver comprehensive threat protection to customers.

Anti-spam analysis techniques such as IP reputation, advanced heuristics, message and attachment fingerprinting, keyword analysis, and URL detection are combined with real-time SXL technology to deliver proactive protection from emerging spam campaigns.

Also available via SophosLabs is Behavioral Genotype, which provides proactive protection from fast-moving modern web threats including malware, spyware, adware and phishing, effectively guarding against evolving and zero-day threats. In fact, Sophos identifies approximately 6,500 new spam-related web pages every day — that’s one new website every 13 seconds, 24 hours a day.

“Juniper Networks has an impressive track record for developing comprehensive network security and control solutions for businesses of all sizes and scope – removing the complexity without sacrificing performance or limiting end users’ business productivity,” said Sophos CEO Steve Munford. “The security landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years and customers are facing far more challenges than ever before. With the integration of Sophos’s anti-spam technology, Juniper’s Distributed Enterprise Solutions provides comprehensive security that covers all bases – from pro-active protection to ease-of-management to scalability. We are pleased to partner with Juniper.”

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Sophos and Juniper Networks deliver integrated anti-spam